College Time Management: Good Study Tips To Increase Your Productivity

In my previous post I discussed tips to avoid student schedule overload. Today, I want to expand these point more.

If you want to avoid the overload in college, you have to choose from two options:

1. Increase your productivity.
2. Get rid of your promises.

Depending from the circumstances you possibly have done both options. Personally I try to avoid using second option if it is possible. I don’t want to ruin my reputation by fluffing off the promises to other people.
If you lean to the first option, here are good study tips to boost your productivity and avoid a complete burnout:

1. Set up Your Alarm an Hour Earlier than Needed. I wake up at 5:30 each morning. So, if you’re naturally waking in eight o’clock, set up your clock an hour earlier. The earlier you can wake up in the morning, the more you can manage till evening.

2. Avoid Internet, TV, and Games. If you want to be super-productive you need to cut off these big time wasters in your life. If you can eliminate these things, you will be able to stop postpone things when you are behind.

3. Do the Hardest Stuff in the Morning. When building your to-do list during day, schedule the hardest activity in the morning. If you see that your whole week if overloaded, plan the most work in first half of the week. If you are overloaded, you won’t be able to make all things done in the end of the week.

4. Do not Cut Off your Gym. Energy is a crucial factor in the overloaded schedule. If you avoid exercising for one day it might not have an impact. However, if you are overloaded during one or two weeks, losing a gym will drain your energy. If you have no time, try to make short runs in the morning.

5. Avoid Unwholesome Food. Believe me, food really matters if you want to boost your productivity. The food you eat significantly influence on your energy levels. Try to avoid eating food that high in fat or include sugars. Eat vegetables, fruits, drink plenty of water to keep your organism hydrated and support a stable glucose level during all day.

6. Switch Off all Phones, Emails and IPhones. Try to check your inbox at particular times every day. When you are overloaded, connectivity is not so important then productivity, so switch off everything that distracts you from your work.

7. Become an Anchoret. I like to hang up with my friends and go to parties. However, when you’re meeting the workload, you don’t have enough time. You need to isolate yourself and keep inly study-related contacts. The faster you can get out of your overloaded schedule, the quicker you can return to see other people.

8. Bring Your To-Do List With You All the Time. Your to-do list should not be far from you. If you are not working on task, you should be checking your to-do list to look over what should come up next. This simple approach can help you to build your college time management plan.