US Education Would be Better Without College Rankings

Until the USA college rankings were firstly created in 1983, most of US students weren’t worried about prestige of college or university they were going to attend. Different universities were strangely awarded as elite because only they were more selective among applicants and had few outstanding professors on the faculty, but there was nothing like crazy to enter into one of them that we observe today. There are also was no madness, from the side of college administrators, to “be on the top of the rankings”.

But the real problem lies that no one has a real method to fairly evaluate how much value any of our colleges and universities had brought. Contrarily, the USA college rankings were based on such factors as alumni giving, credentials, and students selectivity (the more students college rejected, the better school looks) and uncounted evaluation of reputation by different college leaders.

BUT none of that information can prove educational quality of some particular college for us. For instance, an indiscriminate, low-budget university where the faculty members teach a solid curriculum and works straightly with students on their writing and reasoning skills gives a far better education than a brand-name university where the curriculum is a mix of trendy disciplines taught by professors who work rarely with students as they are found of their own research projects.

What bothers me a lot about college ranks is that they are trying to create impression that some particular colleges are “premium” and in such way worth plowing for. Contrarily, colleges that are far down in the ranking seem to be the middling place for poor students just because they do not suit well into the ranking system.

Most of American parents and students are sure that those who are studying at colleges form top college ranks necessarily receive a high-quality education, while students who attended an average college have accordingly poor education.

That way of thinking about education is mistaken.

In reality, students who visit elite college do not necessarily receive better education than students who enrolled at one that is far down in the college ranks. Many students can earn more at a non-elite colleges. This only means that their family won’t be able to brag about having a daughter or a son at a brand-name college.

The reason why I’m complaining is that students always get poor attention from professors at those famous colleges, as the most of the professors are interested only in their research work that they spend a poor time with students. Perhaps, the biggest problem that occurs from professor’s busyness is inattention to the student’s writing.

Many students certainly need a professor to edit their writings. Such kind of favor is no longer available even in small schools. Therefore, it has become extremely rare at the big and famous universities that stand in the top of the college rankings.

As the final reason is that the atmosphere for learning is always better at smaller universities than at advertised institutions. After all, college grads feel the same when it comes to find a job.