Student’s Cheating VS Academic Writing: an International Perspective on ‘Ghost Writing’

Like many people, I was shocked on the issue of students who are using custom essay writing services offered by different online companies. What surprised me most is the area of extension of this fraudulent activity and the cynical prospects of the situation.

The Prototypic College Student Is Not A 'Typical' One

When people think about college, they are imagining one of those top private colleges, idyll place with huge prestigious libraries and terrible dining hall food. It is more like four-year schools, often private unprofitable ones like Stanford, Harvard, or Princeton where students live in hospices, frolic in the quadrangles, and begird themselves among the greatest books under the patronage of the greatest geniuses.

College Education: The Traditional Wisdom Is Wrong

One of US’s most stable myths are that if the more people graduate from college, than the more the economy will grow. For very long time, politicians and higher education leaders have developed that notion.
For instance, in the first famous speech President Obama said that to build a stable economy, we need to increase the percentage of the people that has earned university degrees.

Will Online Education Programs Replace Traditional Education Colleges?

Technological advancements have made online education programs very competitive with the conventional university degrees. Could it lead to crucial change in college education, or have only a low impact?
Let’s draw analogy between education development and music.

The Awful Destruction of the College Curriculum

Once upon a time, universities and colleges had main college curriculum for all students- main courses that were thought to enhance the basement of education.
However, during decades, universities have been turning away from this college curriculum. Nowadays, main majority of colleges replaced the core schedule by “distribution requirements” system under which students provide their general education responsibilities by selecting a course or two from few wide categories such as math or sociology.

US Education Would be Better Without College Rankings

Until the USA college rankings were firstly created in 1983, most of US students weren’t worried about prestige of college or university they were going to attend. Different universities were strangely awarded as elite because only they were more selective among applicants and had few outstanding professors on the faculty, but there was nothing like crazy to enter into one of them that we observe today. There are also was no madness, from the side of college administrators, to “be on the top of the rankings”.

Hot College Grads Jobs

I think that every college grad after he hears the words “congratulations” asks themselves something like, “and know what?” It can take months to find out the implications of “now what?” to implement.

The Core Reason of American Students’ Poor Success in College

In spite of the fact that many young US teens graduate from high school with high academic performance skills and a great part of students leave school with poor abilities in important areas: writing, reading, math, and reasoning. One of the core reasons of low student success in college isn't a difficult student schedule but that many of student’s teachers are not very good themselves.

Time Management Tips for Students

It is not always possible to improve your productivity with the help of college time management. However, I’ve learned how to make my commitments more flexible. If you’re a student who is earning good grades, engaged in different projects and learn few foreign languages, then a schedule overload might kill you.

College Time Management: Good Study Tips To Increase Your Productivity

In my previous post I discussed tips to avoid student schedule overload. Today, I want to expand these point more.

How to Avoid College Overload?

It isn’t hard to accidentally overload your schedule. It starts by making a few commitments, months in advance. Those commitments get pushed back and rescheduled until you need to face all of them at the same time. Working through an overloaded schedule without burning yourself out isn’t easy.